Lilly Fylypczuk


Walking along the river 

(I look into his eyes through the window)

through the canopy of green trees  

(In a shopping trolley queue)

Birds loudly declare

(Keep your distance)

Echoing whistles  
Rushing water splashes  

(I place my hand on the glass)

My mind blank of thought

(I make masks)

Ancient boulders  

(In isolation)  

Cross the river  
I pass by here once a day  

(Our hands so close but separated)

Prehistoric heron glide  

(I slip the masks amongst the milk cartons)

Wagtails dip and wag  

(Our dear leader speaks no sense)

Spring creatures busy living  
The horse and I connect

(The frontline battle is fierce)

Lambs practice their leaps

(Lives are lost)

and sheep bleat  

(Here in my bubble)

in response to my intrusion 
It takes an hour of my day  

To replenish my connection

Nature’s theatre  

A multitude of characters.