Louise Clamp

A sort-of sonnet to Covid 19


With Spring came peril that darkened our days;

An ethereal presence closing our doors,

Spreading fear in its path of dullest grey,

Wreaking havoc, a deadly saboteur.

Time retreated to a past quietude;

Eerie silence shrouded cities and towns;

Friends said farewell and sought safe solitude;

Sweet laughter ceased in abandoned playgrounds.

But our defiant Spring took little heed,

New life emerged in parks, gardens and streets,

From cracks in dark pavements green shoots were seen,

Winter banished in repentant retreat.

      We found solace in this renewed earth

      And hope for our future lives and rebirth.  



 Acrostic Covid


Cornered in our homes by an invisible foe

Only coming out for food, exercise, essential work and medicines

Values honed to a simple purity

Importance of family, friends and nature at the fore

Dependence on brands, status and stuff abandoned.