From my window seat

Moving to a rural village has been life changing for me. It's allowed me to access nature every day, learn to live with the seasons and has hugely improved my writing productivity. Our cottage overlooks the village green & the comings and goings of peoples lives. I've joined in wholeheartedly with some seasonal rituals (the leek show was a highlight) & avoided others which, although integral to rural life, I cannot be part of.

With so much inspiration under my nose, I've started working on a series of creative non-fiction pieces under the title 'From My Window Seat'. I'm hoping to turn this into a collection for 2019, exploring my environment, its inhabitants and the way people live here.

Conkers from the horse chestnut tree on our village green

For the past year I've been an online contributor for Creative Countryside, an online and print magazine exploring slow, seasonal living. It's been my first outlet for creative non-fiction and I'm delighted that my work is beginning to creep out into the world. My latest article was written after a joyous thirty minutes watching birds feeding in my overgrown garden, jostling for space and rubbing alongside each other out of necessity. It gives a taste of pieces I'm working on for my collection and you can read it here. I hope you like it.


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