Into Autumn

Usually autumn is my time of year. Jumpers, leg warmers, tights unpacked & pulled on. Pockets full of blackberries, rosehips and sloes. Hot chocolate with the curtains drawn. But I'm not ready yet. Maybe it's the lingering scent of our heavenly hot summer, or long light evenings drinking wine in our neighbours garden. Or the reality of my rescue hound undergoing a long recovery from an operation keeping us all indoors. Whatever it is, my mind is fighting the seasonal change. I'm tired, grumpy & consuming more chocolate biscuits than anyone should (orange clubs are my binge biscuit of choice).

In an attempt to fight this unexpected resistance, I worked up a little piece of creative non-fiction first written when I moved to the village last year. It has found a place in an online journal and I'm delighted. Creative Countryside is an online and print magazine featuring gorgeous articles and imagery evoking all that is wonderful about our natural environment and how we live in it. It's ideal for those immersed in a rural setting or city dwellers looking for chinks of seasonal change on their doorstep. You can read my little piece, H is for Hawthorn here. Or buy a print copy of the magazine here.

Let me know what you think of both,


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