I've been making for the past 10 years. When I left work to recover from a mental health breakdown, I started sewing and making jewellery from buttons. I collected tins, notions, needles and pins. I ran a small business and lit up every time someone walked away with a piece made by my own hand.

Writing stopped the day I was diagnosed with depression in 2012. Without these years of space and experimentation, I would never have found my way back to it. Making has become as important a part of my life as writing. And I'm finally ready to start exploring how making and writing complement each other. How seeing something through, plotting, planning, mapping and documenting, can help my practice. How freedom on fabric and on the page sustains me and others.

I'm at the start of a journey where I'll use sewing to document my writing projects. When I'm stuck, I will sew. And I'll share it with you in the hope that, one day, we can sew and write together.