Writing Forward

Writing Forward began as a reflective exercise during my Last Tuesday writing group. Once a monthly meetup in the magical setting of Forum Books, we began meeting online during the UK lockdown. 

Writers from the group have since produced new writing. Some are emerging writers with novels out on submission. Some have never been published. Others have never shared their work with anyone.


Their collection of poems & essays explore things felt, dreamed and hoped for during the lockdown. The pieces consider what has worked, what hasn’t and maps out what the future may hold. In doing this, the writers have harnessed positive and, at times, uncomfortable experiences so they can start to look forward, not back. This is writing as resilience.


I hope you enjoy this work. Thank you for reading,



Image by Masaaki Komori
Image by Morvanic Lee

Thank you for reading

Lilly Fylypczuk



Lisa Chatterjee


Blue Sky
Image by Nazym Jumadilova

Louise Clamp


Image by Chris

Sue Pine

Nature Writing

Image by Lomig

Alwyn Gornall


Image by Tim Mossholder
Trees in the Wind

Ruth Jackson


Blue Skies

Hilary Elder